PM-GB foundation is social organization and registered in Nepal Government office and Social welfare Council; hence the organization is legally responsible for its activities. Here are some points that the organization has stated.

1.       After taking necessary authority/License according to Nepal Government Acts.

2.       Hire/rental or purchase of building and other equipments necessary for operations like: computer, telephone, fax machine and vehicles.

3.        Hire/appoint office staffs on contract/ agreement basis.

4.       Research and investigation team of works.

5.       Conduct seminar and training programs.

6.       Prepare materials for media promotion like: Printing, e-soft copy, multimedia.

7.       Partnership with national and international organization.

8.       Besides these the organization can have other activities to fulfill its objective.

    Paush 2067
This organization believes in “service is righteousness” and proud for what it has been doing.
Lohla, Shahid Sukra Marg
Lalitpur, Nepal
Ph: +977-1-5522035